Using Your Walking Stick 

Who might benefit from using a walking stick?

Walking sticks provide support to assist people who have difficulty walking due to balance problems, pain or injury.

Walking sticks are available in a variety of designs, with each style offering their users different forms of functionality. Your healthcare professional will be able to provide advice and training in the correct use of these devices, pairing you with a walking stick to suit your abilities and personal requirements.

The design of your walking stick could range from the simpler T-handle, to options that offer increased stability and balance such as a four-legged walking stick. 

To fit your walking stick

  • If the walking stick is adjustable, it should be adjusted to a height to allow the user to walk with safety.
  • The height of the walking stick is usually adjusted to allow the elbow to be bent at 15-30 degrees while the user is standing straight and holding the stick. A physiotherapist can help you find the correct height.
  • To adjust the leg length, push in the adjustment button to slide the internal leg piece up or down to the appropriate notch.
  • Usually, a walking stick will be used on an individuals unaffected side. However, an individual’s circumstances may not suit this practice.

Adjustable Folding Cane

Compact design; folds to be carried in a bag


Offset Handle, Height Adjustable Walking Stick

Offset handle design offers increased stability, relax for elbow and hand


Large Cane Quad Base

Designed for people who need additional assistance with balance and stability. Offers multiple points of contact and increases loading weight with each step.


Walking Stick with Folding Seat

Ideal for resting when out and about. Compact design allows seat to be folded up when not in use.


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