Understanding absorbent disposable
incontinence aids

How do I know which product is best for me?

Incontinence products have different indicators that will help you select the correct product for your needs.   The following information will help you understand the indicators and help you select the most appropriate products.


Style relates to the physical design of the product fit. For example pull up pants are like underwear. A pad is a single unit that slides into he under wear and an All-In-One (AIO) product is one that wraps around the body.


Relates to how best to fit the product to ensure best comfort and guard against leaks. Some products require a different fitting routine depending on if the wearer is able to stand sit or is bed bound. TENA provides fitting guides for all their products. Some companies use a hip measurement and others a waist measurement. At TENA all products are a waist measurement except for Flex which uses a hip measurement.

Total Capacity

Measured using a method called Rothwells, this is an industry wide measure that is defined as the complete volume a pad will hold when saturated.

Working Capacity

Functional volume, the volume a pad will hold before it is in danger of leaking or becoming uncomfortable to wear. There is no audited industry standard however a wetness indicator on products indicates when a product has been fully utilised. It is often two thirds of the total capacity.

Droplet Indicators

Used to give an indication of the level of absorbency within a style range. One droplet would indicate light absorbency whereas eight indicates a high absorbency level.

Wetness Indicators

Used on heavier absorbency products such as Slip, Flex and comfort the wetness indicator is a line or a line of words on the outside of a product that changes colour or fades as the product is utilised. When the line has two-thirds of its colour changed or line faded the pad is considered to be ready to change. This ensures products are not wasted by being changed and thrown out prior to reaching full capacity.


Specifically made products will include technology that means many voids can be handled by the product meaning only 2-3 pads per day need to be worn if the right style and absorbency has been chosen.


Breathable technology involves material with small valves that let in but do not let moisture out. This means skin can breathe whilst moisture is retained in the pad and not on the skin. Soft textile like feeling pads are not all breathable.

Colour Coding

The more absorbent TENA pads are all colour coded to help with absorbency choice – Blue = moderate, Green = moderate to heavy and Lilac = heavy. Choose style then absorbency within the style range.

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