Total Care Transport

Reliable and cost-effective transport service provided by highly skilled staff for Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Total Care Transport is the brainchild of general manager Abdi Farah who witnessed the chronic shortage of transport opportunities for people with disabilities in Melbourne more than seven years ago.

He was disturbed to discover many people were confined to their homes or hostels for long periods of time due to their limited access to alternative forms of transport.

Since 2005 the business has grown from a single-vehicle company to a 32-strong fleet of maxi-taxis providing daily transport needs for people with disabilities across the greater metropolitan area.

Its highly-professional team of drivers undergo extensive training in driving, manual handling and communication skills to provide total care to people with severe physical, intellectual and social disabilities.

The holistic approach to its service delivery ensures passengers are treated with the dignity they deserve.


Phone: 9706 9197

Mail: 20 Glomar Court,  Dandenong South, Victoria 3175


Booking of Total Care Transport services via Bcause constitutes agreement with these Terms and Conditions and establishes a Service Agreement between the participant (Bcause Member) and Total Care Transport for the duration of purchases services.

Taxi/Bus Run Cost

Daily transport cost will be agreed with the Bcause member as provided in an initial quote. Any changes to the cost will be notified to you in advance. Payment must be received by Bcause purchase or quote in advance for each fortnight.

Please note that nonpayment of accounts may result in the loss of allocated seating with Total Care Transport and also further legal action will be taken.

LEVY: Essential Services Commission (Taxi Service Commision) introduced a new $1.10 fee for every trip. This must be paid in addition to Total Care Transport charge, which will be incorporated into invoiced prices.

Allocation of Seating

To keep our transport system fair, all seats on taxi/bus runs have been allocated permanently.  This means that each person will have to pay for the full 46 weeks’ transport of the year, regardless of attendance.  The equivalent if a person is travelling part time. Clients should have MPTP Cards as the fare has been calculated and subsidized by considering the Taxi Card.


  • I must be ready to go when my taxi/bus arrives.  Taxi/Bus drivers will only wait a maximum of 5 minutes before moving on to the next pick up point.  If I’m not ready in time, I may have to find another way to get to the Centre.
  • If I am sick or away I MUST call  Total Care Transport staff to let them know.  It is best to give notice at least a day ahead if possible.


  • No swearing or shouting.
  • Be friendly and nice to others on the bus, including the driver.
  • Keep your seatbelt on at all times.
  • Smile and enjoy the ride!


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Total Care Transport

20 Glomar Ct, Dandenong South, VIC, 3175, Australia

03 9706 9197

Open today: 9am - 5pm

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