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Olive & Bee

Finally, an intimate cream that’s…100% NATURAL


Claire Osterstock is a Physiotherapist in Adelaide, Australia, with a special interest in helping women and men with the management of pelvic pain. One part of Claire’s role is to advise on personal lubricants, but

Claire was disappointed with what was currently on the market.

Almost all lubricants contain synthetic chemicals and preservatives, which can cause irritation. They can interfere with the sensitive vaginal tissues, and clients would often report burning and itching after their use.  Most women are also not comfortable buying lubricants, mostly due to their names and packaging.

As a result, Claire teamed up with a compounding pharmacist and went about creating a new, all-natural, intimate cream.


26 recipes later, the perfect product was created!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil was chosen as a base, as it is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, and is high in antioxidants, hence is self-preserving without the need to add chemical preservatives. Olive Oil also has a low comedogenic rating, hence it is less likely to block pores than other oils such as coconut oil.

It was formulated with beeswax as this is a natural thickener with anti-inflammatory properties. Both substances are anhydrous, which means they have low water activity, hence don’t grow nasty bacteria, fungi or mould. The low water content also means that they won’t interfere with vaginal pH as other substances can.

1. Compliance
Simply Olive & Bee Pty Ltd complies with Australian Consumer Law.
We guarantee that the product complies with the standards of a TGA Class 1 medical device.
2. Refunds
Full refund (less postage) is available within 30 days, for all unopened tubes (with seal intact).
Full refund available for any faulty goods
3. Privacy
We respect your privacy and do not on sell customer data.

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