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TALi Train Cognitive Attention Training Program (iPad/Android OS)

Brand: TALi

$90.00 / program

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About TALi Train

TALi Train is a clinically validated digital game-based cognitive training that trains core attention skills.

Available on an iPad or Android tablet, the program consists of 25 x 20 minute sessions, TALi Train exercises core aspects of attention during a period of peak neuroplasticity in early childhood, laying the foundation that allows a child a better opportunity to learn and grow.

Research has shown that TALi Train program has been shown to significantly improve attention skills after completing the program, with improvements sustained three month later. 

TALi Train also includes access to TALi Detect, the digital gamified Early Childhood Attention Assessment tool, also available for iPad and Android tablets.

Please use the information on the Bcause website and speak to your Plan Manager to determine your child's eligibility to access for TALi Train, and to process payment with your plan-manager.

For more information about attention as a cognitive skill, the benefits of the TALi Train Attention Training Tool or information about the TALi Detect Early Childhood Attention Assessment tool please visit our website or contact us.

Build core attention skills with cognitive training

TALi Train exercises specific aspects of attention to consolidate the neural networks responsible for each skill. The exercises have been designed and developed from a foundation of 25+ years of clinical research and evidence. Attention skill trained include:

  • Selection
    The selection exercise encourages your child to shut out distractions and decide what is important.

  • Control
    The control exercise will help your child develop the skills to choose what to attend to and what to ignore.

  • Inhibition
    The inhibition exercise teaches your child the skills to avoid acting impulsively.

  • Focus
    The focus exercise helps your child to focus on the task at hand for a longer period of time.

Benefits of Attention Training for children

Attention is one of very first cognitive skills to develop and is a critical factor in a child's ability to learn and engage with others as they process new information. Improved attention will result not only in improved academic performance, but also an improved overall well-being as children experience less stress and frustration whilst keep focus in conversation with peers, teachers and family.

Program Considerations

Like any other training program, cognitive training takes hard work. Tali Train was designed to turn work into play, but kids will still need support and structure throughout the program.

Studies show that parental engagement has an impact on treatment or training outcomes. When you’re sitting next to your little one for 20 minutes, you’re being consistent with your message, ‘this is important’. If they see you valuing this time, so will they.

No two kids are the same so it's important to figure out the best strategies to suit your family.

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