Mobility Aids

Everyday equipment that is used to assist participants to move around their home or their community. These can include simple mobility aids like crutches or walking sticks or more complex products like wheelchairs or scooters.

How does the NDIS work with Mobility Aid items?

The funding in your NDIS plan may allow you to purchase Assistive Technology, including aids and equipment. You can be covered in two ways through the NDIS:

  1. Assistive Technology’ is covered in my plan
    Some participants may have some assistive technology devices itemised in their plan.  These items are usually more expensive eg. Electric wheelchair.

    Read more about ‘Assistive Technology’
  2. ‘Core’ is covered in my plan
    Some participants may have an allowance for assistive technology (this could be up to $1000) and deemed low risk.  These are considered low-cost products you can purchase with your Assistive Technology funding that are readily identified, locally sourced, and integrated into your life for effective, low risk use.

    Read more about ‘Core Budget’

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