Izzy’s ‘Got Game’

Pushing boundaries for gamers
with a disability.

Bcause and our diverse providers strive to help you achieve your goals.  Bcause appreciates that every person has unique needs and provider, Technical Solutions, shares this understanding with their custom assistive technology. Technical Solutions offers both off-the-shelf electronic devices as well as products tailored for individual needs, a business model that empowers and enables the clients they collaborate with.

Ismail Gul, or Izzy, is a champion. He’s earned his victorious tag through  success in the online gaming world as well as continually pushing the boundaries for what is possible for gamers with disabilities. He has written extensively on gaming and disability in his blog and is the subject of a fascinating article on disability and technology in the design blog, The Red Bridge

Izzy has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a neuromuscular disorder that impacts the nerves that control muscle movement. Izzy and James Dean, Technical Solutions’ CEO and founder, began their relationship over a decade ago when Izzy lost the complete movement of his hands.

“James has given me access to my computer and he understands how important that is to me,” says Izzy. “He knows that I use my computer for every facet of my life. This includes gaming, entertainment, study, programming, research and communication. Through my computer, I can communicate with friends and family, both locally and internationally.”

Izzy first discovered gaming after being  introduced to his first computer at five years old. His passion grew quickly after he was introduced to Nintendo games, a love that would eventually inspire his collaboration with Technical Solutions to enable him to continue gaming.

“My gaming helmet allows me to perform various clicks and keystrokes using my facial muscles and the custom mini joystick which allows me to move the mouse cursor using my lips, explains Izzy. “Both inventions give me full access to my computer, which is my main connection with the outside world.” 

Technical Solutions and Izzy have also collaborated to equip Izzy with Housemate, a device that allows Izzy to access his mobile phone from bed. Technical Solutions has also attached a switch to the headpiece on Izzy’s wheelchair, allowing him to access his phone while out and about.

James says Izzy has proved the longevity of Technical Solutions’ products.  “Our first project with Izzy was a computer joystick he could operate with his lower lip. All the existing joysticks we tried were too hard to push, not USB compatible, or very expensive. After nearly ten years of daily use, I guess we can claim it has held up okay! ”  

The mouth joystick is now in the final stage of development with components currently being sourced, and it will be available for purchase here soon at Bcause.


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