Incontinence related needs

Incontinence related needs include everything from incontinence pads and pants, right through to the incontinence care products that will make you feel more comfortable.


Incontinence related equipment (eg. incontinence pads, bed sheets, catheters) is found under the NDIS support category – Consumables. If you are an NDIS participant and have been approved for the support category ‘consumables’ in your NDIS plan, you can use this support to purchase items you use every day. Please refer the consumables guide on the NDIS website for more information.

Planning for your incontinence needs

Planning is essential for getting the best from your NDIS funding.  It gives you a chance to review your current incontinence aids, products or services.  Think about these questions:

  • Can the incontinence aids or products that I use now be used to manage my incontinence well?
  • Should I have an incontinence assessment to make sure I am managing my incontinence well?
  • Is my incontinence preventing me from achieving my goals? If yes, what can be done to improve the situation?
  • Can my incontinence be better managed?

If you need help talk to a suitable health professional like a continence nurse advisor, pelvic floor physiotherapist or your GP. 

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