How to mange your NDIS plan

There are three of ways to manage your NDIS plan;

  • Self-managed
  • Plan-managed
  • NDIA-managed
  • Or you can elect to use a combination of the above options.

It’s important to consider which management model suits you best as each option varies in its flexibility and responsibilities. Whether you are NDIA, Plan or Self-managed; you should regularly check the myplace portal to track your funding.


  • Participants have a limited say in which providers will be used as only registered NDIS providers can be chosen
  • Providers claim payment electronically from your funding
  • You cannot use unregistered providers
  • You can utilise the myplace portal track to check which claims providers are drawing from your NDIS funding and to check up on your budget.


  • This model mean you will have a Plan Manager that will handle the admin tasks such as communicating with providers and paying invoices
  • A Plan Manager is funded in your plan and every participant is entitled to one
  • They will use funds directly from your budget to pay your providers
  • Your Plan Manager must be an NDIS registered provider themselves
  • If you want to use a Plan Manager, you need to ask for this in your meeting.


  • Self-management gives you the most control over your NDIS funding. It also demands the most amount of responsibility. Think carefully if this option is right for you.
  • You can receive supports from NDIS registered or unregistered providers.
  • As a self-managed participant, you can pay for additional supports using any savings that you have accumulated.
  • It is your responsibility to maintain and keep your records and pay providers.