‘Flyan’ Bryan Flemming

Rainclouds darkened the Gold Coast sky ahead of the city’s 41st annual marathon on 7 July. For Bryan Flemming, competing in his first Wheelchair Half Marathon, he knew the rain would present a considerable challenge to what was an already demanding task.

Yet the man known as Flyan Bryan, a fitting moniker for the former motocross competitor and a man unfamiliar with shirking challenges, was steadfast in his determination.

“It was my first marathon,” Bryan tells Bcause, “I didn’t quite know what to expect but I knew I needed to keep a steady pace and make the cut off time.”

“The rain made gripping the rims really tricky. Some wet weather training might have helped,” he laughs. “You set a challenge and consider what it will take to complete that challenge, and then go and do it.”

Bryan’s training had been limited to a circular track at a local oval in his hometown of Toowoomba, QLD. The rain added an additional 30 minutes to his personal best time, finishing the 21km route in a time of 3 hours and 15 minutes.

And while the conditions were an unfamiliar hurdle, Bryan was well equipped to deal with the possibility of equipment failure. In the weeks before the marathon, he bought a variety of parts such as bearings, tubes, tyres and wheels from Bcause provider, Wicked Wheelchairs.

“If I’m committing to doing a marathon, I don’t want my success to be dependant on equipment failure,” reveals Bryan. “Bcause gives me a choice of suppliers, transparency, reasonable prices and everything laid out in one place.”

As Bryan exhaustedly crossed the line to complete his marathon, he turned to an accompanying friend to proclaim they would be returning. “Now that we’ve done that, we’ll have to come back and do the full marathon next year,” he says, wryly.

In the meantime, Bryan has set his sights on completing the 160km long Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. The route, which he is undertaking in stages, traverses the South East Queensland landscape from Yarraman to Ipswich. Using a powered front wheel, Bryan is crossing the tricky terrain alongside his daughters, both avid mountain bikers.

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