Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT) includes pieces of equipment a person can use to help them do everyday tasks they can’t do on their own. AT can help a person maintain greater independence and make tasks/activities easier and safer for them to do.


(Extract from NDIS website)
Assistive Technology (AT) can be included in an NDIS plan if the NDIA believes it’s a reasonable and necessary support that will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Depending on the AT cost and complexity, participants may follow different processes.

Visit the NDIS Buying equipment/assistive technology page for more information about:

  • Identifying AT needs to include in your plan.
  • Choosing an equipment/AT support provider.
  • Buying or leasing equipment/AT and maintenance and repairs.
  • Understanding AT supports in your NDIS plan.
  • Managing AT supports under the NDIS.

Can you buy low cost, low risk Assistive Technology (AT) through consumables?

Low cost, low risk assistive technology (AT) can be bought under consumables.  It can be found under the Core Supports under Daily Adaptive equipment.  Please note everyone’s plan is different. 

Additional information can be found on the NDIS website, including how you can access your funding and what you can purchase.  You should only spend this funding on Assistive Technology (including aids and equipment) that helps you with achieving your NDIS goals in your plan.

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